David Linsenmeier

David Linsenmeier - General Manager, Consumer Healthcare Canada

David Linsenmeier is General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare Canada. In this role he is responsible for leading the Consumer Healthcare Canada team to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence, and full engagement. David also sits as a member of GSK's Canadian Country Management Board. Prior to the formation of the Joint Venture, he was General Manager of Novartis Consumer Health Canada and a member of the global Integration Planning Team.

David joined Novartis OTC in 2007 as Global Head of Strategy, before progressing through a number of roles in Sales and Marketing in the United States, culminating in an ad interim period as VP of Marketing. In this role he led the US Marketing organization through the relaunches of Excedrin and Triaminic after a major supply disruption. He came to Canada as GM at the beginning of 2013.

Prior to joining Novartis, David was a consultant with McKinsey & Company. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and History from Northwestern University and a PhD in Economics from Princeton University.