Program information & criteria and application form

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Program information & criteria

The independent medical education that we support must be patient-focused and free from pharmaceutical industry commercial interest. For further details on our criteria for support please read our program information & criteria document (PDF).


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Application form

If you are an eligible independent medical education provider and would like to apply for a grant please complete, sign, and return the application form (PDF).



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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about GSK grants for independent medical education please see our frequently asked questions document for answers.  Any additional questions can be sent to:



Upcoming application deadlines

GSK Canada Pharma will be holding two funding rounds for independent medical education in the next few months. All submissions that have been received by September 30, 2016 will be reviewed by November 2016 and decisions communicated accordingly. Anything received after September 30 will be reviewed in the April 2017 funding round (April 30 deadline). Applications will be assessed according to the program information & criteria document (PDF).

Calls for proposals:

1. September 2016               Deadline for submissions September 30th

2. April 2017                        Deadline for submissions April 30th


Please review this website regarding the application process and deadlines before submitting your proposal.

Please note that the review panel reserves the right to make the final decision. Due to the large volume of requests anticipated, there will be no mechanism for appeal.

Please send your completed application form to: