Seasonal Influenza

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) provides access to basic information on our products as approved by Health Canada to health-care professionals and patients. The information in this section is only intended for residents of Canada.



GSK has provided a number of additional PAAB-approved resources including posters and brochures in English and French. All materials are available to health-care professionals to order from the GSK Customer Service Department at 1-800-387-7374. Please quote the appropriate item number when ordering.

Click on the item number below to view a sample in PDF format.

84177 - Flu Cancels Your Schedule (English)

94177 - Flu Cancels Your Schedule (French)

84176 - 4 Flu Myths (English)

94176 - 4 Flu Myths (French)

84137 - Miss Your Shot, Miss A Lot (English)

94137 - Miss Your Shot, Miss A Lot (French)

84136 - Dispelling Flu Myths Pamphlet (English)

94136 - Dispelling Flu Myths Pamphlet (French)

Additional influenza materials can be found on the CCIAP website at