Medical Sales Representative

Sales and marketing practises

Promoting values in sales and marketing practices

We have modernized the way we sell and market our medicines by transforming the business model the industry has had for many years.

We changed how we reward our sales representatives and engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs), to meet customer needs and to ensure patients' interests come first. We have made good progress in three key areas.

Firstly, in January 2015 we completed the roll-out of changes to the way our sales teams are compensated. No customer facing GSK Pharma sales professionals or their managers were being financially incentivized based on individual sales targets. Sales professionals are now incentivized based on their technical knowledge, the quality of service they deliver to HCPs to support improved patient care and a broader set of business performance measures.

Our sales and marketing employees, along with relevant third parties acting on our behalf, must follow our Code of Practise for Promotion and Customer Interactions. This Code requires employees to make a clear distinction between scientific engagement and product promotion.

Secondly, we have changed how we support education for doctors. Our commitment to medical education remains unchanged, but we moved away from direct sponsorship of individual HCPs to arm’s length funding, for example via third party independent medical organizations. It is up to these organizations to decide how to best deliver education programs, without influence from GSK.

Thirdly, since 2016, we are no longer paying HCPs to speak to other prescribers about our medicines. Instead we are using other channels, including digital and real-time applications, to provide information about our medicines and vaccines in the way HCPs want it, when they want it. The expert medical doctors we have within GSK will also take a role to talk and answer questions about our medicines with their peers. They are responsible for, and measured on, providing the right information to support the safe and effective use of our medicines.