Feeling rejuvenated and well rested are expected lasting rewards of a vacation for majority of travellers down South

Prevention is travel expert’s top advice for protecting your vacation bliss

Mississauga, ON, January 30, 2017 – According to a new survey, the majority of Canadians interested in or planning a trip to popular destinations such as Mexico and the Caribbean are doing very little before they travel to protect their vacation bliss – the positive mind, body and soul rewards of a time away to recharge.

The Protect Your Vacation Bliss survey, commissioned by GlaxoSmithKline Inc., found that the majority of travellers (63%)1 say they travel to relax and relieve stress and more than half (59%)2 expect to come back with the lasting reward and benefit of feeling rejuvenated and well rested.

However, more than a third (39%) surveyed said returning home with a serious health problem would be the biggest let down, bursting their vacation bliss bubble.3 And while the survey found that Canadians think it is important to arrange travel health and medical insurance (49%) to protect themselves in case of health issues during their vacation, none who took part in the survey reported taking preventive health steps when preparing for a getaway; instead most do internet research (82%), or buy items such as scuba gear, a swimsuit or running shoes (32%) before leaving on a trip.4

“The priceless rewards from vacation experiences are unique to each traveller and they deserve to be protected,” says global travel expert, blogger and National Geographic Traveler contributing editor Heather Greenwood Davis.  “There are real physical and psychological benefits to going on a trip and taking a break from your everyday routine, which is even more reason to protect your vacation bliss by ensuring you are prepared before you go.”

Protect Your Vacation Bliss – Be Informed Before You Travel 

Cultivating vacation bliss is personal for everyone, defined by both planned and unplanned activities such as hiking or rock climbing, aqua fitness, a manicure, enjoying local food or the nightlife. Yet potential health risks for common upset stomach and traveller’s diarrhea to more serious concerns such as viral Hepatitis, exist in any tropical environment – including at luxury resorts.

“My personal vacation bliss comes from not having to think about or plan for anything once I leave Canada,” says Greenwood Davis.  “We all want and deserve those experiences that help us feel the mind, body and soul rewards of a week away, and coming home with a potentially serious health concern, sacrifices those health-promoting benefits of reduced stress.”

Greenwood Davis, who travels regularly with her husband and children, is often accompanied by her parents, and believes that adults do not always consider preventive measures such as travel vaccinations.

“The responsibility to travel safely and return home healthy is great, as we all have friends, family and full lives to enjoy back in the real world, and the steps to achieve that can be easy,” says Greenwood Davis.  “Buying travel medical insurance and over-the-counter health remedies every time we travel are critical steps to protect us against the unexpected and preventive measures such as travel vaccinations are an investment in our personal health that last for many years, beyond a single winter getaway.”

Heather’s top health travel planning tips: 

  1. Be Informed: To ensure that you protect your vacation bliss before you travel, get informed about the potential health risks of your destination in the sun.
  2. Think Prevention: Once you understand the potential health risks of travelling down South, make sure you are up to date with your travel vaccinations.
  3. Stock-up: Purchase over-the-counter remedies for digestive issues, nausea, travellers’ diarrhea – and sunscreen – as these can be expensive or difficult to find at resorts and locally in foreign destinations. Make sure you have adequate medications (and bring along your prescription note) if you or your family take these routinely.

About the Protecting Your Vacation Bliss Survey

The "Protecting Your Vacation Bliss” Survey was conducted by Vector Research to examine experiences and attitudes about travel health and wellness benefits.  Funded by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the data was fielded between December 16 and 24, 2016 and included an online poll of (1000) Canadian adults who were asked (6) questions.  The precision of Vector Research online polls is measured using a credibility interval.  In this case, the survey is accurate to within +/- 3.5 percentage points had all Canadians adults been surveyed.

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