Our consumer healthcare products

We have a heritage that goes back more than 160 years, producing some of the world’s best-loved healthcare brands including: Sensodyne, Voltaren, NeoCitran, Pronamel, Polident, Buckley's and Otrivin.

Our brands are successful in more than 100 countries, reflecting our passion for quality, backed by science. They are built around the needs of the millions of people who go online or walk into pharmacies, supermarkets and market stalls all over the world, every day and choose us first.

Our brands are organized into five global categories: Pain Relief, Respiratory, Oral Health, Nutrition/Gastro Intestinal and Skin Health. These categories are defined by a specific consumer healthcare need and have complementary ranges of brands that allow us to evolve with our consumers’ needs.

You can explore more about the key products in these categories below, or view our full Canadian product listing.

Pain Relief

Half of the visits to physicians worldwide are for pain. We are world leaders in first line pain relief, with our top brand available in Canada - Voltaren®.


Complementing our world leading Pharmaceuticals respiratory business, we are the number one over the counter respiratory medicine company with a complete portfolio of leading brands in cold and flu, nasal decongestant, allergy and smoking cessation.

Oral Health

We are experts in specialist oral health, combining our unique understanding of consumer needs with science. For example, GSK’s Novamin technology, a world first, is the ingredient in Sensodyne that Repairs and Protects sensitive teeth by using the building blocks of teeth in the paste.

Nutrition / Gastro Intestinal

We have a strong heritage in Nutrition. Horlicks, our largest brand, is consumed in 38 million homes in India (190 servings per second), contributing significantly to the malnutrition agenda.  In Gastro Intestinal, we have antacid brands such as Tums and Eno.  

Skin Health

We are a trusted leader in skin care, delivering innovative science-based products. Our brands include medicated skin products recommended by dermatologists, as well as specific treatments for cold sores and other skin conditions.

Information for Healthcare Professionals and Consumers

Health Canada Endorsed Important Safety Information on Prescription Cough and Cold Products Containing Opioids and the Risk of Opioid Use Disorder in Children and Adolescents (< 18 years of age)