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Inclusion and diversity

Our global approach to inclusion and diversity

We believe strongly in inclusion and diversity. Not only is it the right way to do business, but it also leads to business success – unleashing the enormous potential of the differing knowledge, abilities, experiences and styles of our people, and enhancing our ability to respond to the differing needs of our patients and consumers.

At GSK, we expect everyone to help create a fair and inclusive work environment where diversity and individuality are embraced, where everyone has a sense of belonging and can bring their best and most authentic selves to work.

Together, these unique perspectives, abilities and wide variety of personal experience make our business stronger and more successful.

Our work to foster a more inclusive environment includes all-employee training to reduce conscious and unconscious bias in the workplace, and a focus on inclusion and diversity in our new leadership development programmes.

We take pride in being a company where everyone can be themselves, and where diversity is embraced and celebrated. At GSK, we all hold ourselves accountable for ensuring that respect and inclusivity are at the very heart of our culture as a company."

Visit our global website to learn more about our global inclusion and diversity commitments from 2020.