Working at GSK

We aim to create an inclusive, engaging working environment that encourages employees to contribute and help us achieve our strategic business objectives. Key to this is our investment in development, our approach to flexible working and our innovative safety, health and well-being programs.

An inclusive environment is good for business because it brings different knowledge, perspectives, experiences and working styles which enhance creativity and innovation. We employ around 100,000 people in over 150 countries, with more than a third of these in emerging markets.

Engaging and developing our employees

We aim for every GSK employee to feel engaged with their work and colleagues, and to understand the impact they have on delivery of our business objectives and performance. We know that one of the key motivators for our employees is that their contribution makes a positive impact on people’s lives – giving a real sense of purpose.

We offer all our employees a range of learning opportunities and tailored development programs. For our employees to achieve sustainable high performance we encourage on the job learning through challenging project work, supported with more formal training programs, mentoring and coaching, as well as employee volunteer opportunities through our PULSE program. Our new global performance system sets clear objectives for our people, aligned with delivering our strategy and underpinned by the six GSK Expectations, defining what we require of everyone at GSK. This puts more emphasis not only on results, but also the way results are achieved, and enables us to better engage and motivate our people by strengthening the connection between individual performance and reward.

Thinking flexibly about the way we work enables us to attract, retain and motivate critical talent groups. This includes formal arrangements such as flexible hours, part time working and job shares, as well as informal arrangements such as working from different locations.

Inclusion and diversity

Being an inclusive employer helps us attract, retain and motivate a workforce that reflects the communities in which we operate. We have dedicated councils on gender, LGBT+, disability and ethnicity. They are supported by employee-led resource groups that champion diversity across the business.

GSK Canada has made tremendous progress in the hiring and promoting of women. The establishment of the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) Employee Resource Group played a key role in this success and will allow us to continue building on our momentum.

In 2019, GSK Canada established Spectrum Canada the Canadian Chapter of the GSK Global Spectrum Employee Resource Group (ERG) which focuses on creating a forum for employees to be supported fostering LGBT+ inclusivity in the workplace.

Globally, GSK has an Employee Resource Group focused on raising awareness called the Disability Confidence Network. In 2019, GSK Canada ignited this resource group with a local chapter to ensure our Canadian employees have a forum where they can learn about local programs and education sessions.

GSK Canada has established partnerships with local non-profit organizations that help persons with disabilities find meaningful employment.  We are committed to hiring and retaining persons with disabilities, providing an inclusive environment that supports and encourages all employees.

Improving health, safety and resilience

We provide a healthy and safe environment for our employees. Our health and safety programs enable employees to have healthier, safer lives at work and home. We provide preventative healthcare services, counseling support, coaching, resilience workshops and safety solutions that have a positive impact on people’s well-being, safety and productivity.

We want GSK to be an employer of choice. To achieve this we invest significantly in developing employees at every level from people in their early careers to those in senior management positions.

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