Research and development

As a science-led healthcare company, R&D is at the heart of our business. We're looking for the brightest minds to help us continue to discover and develop new medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products for those that need them. Are you up for the challenge?

What roles are available?

Female scientist in lab coat smiling

Opportunities exist for R&D scientists in all three of our businesses: pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare.

Our R&D organization attracts scientists from most disciplines including chemists, biologists, statisticians, pharmacologists and microbiologists. They work as bench scientists in the lab, or apply their scientific training to clinical trials, regulatory work, studies of health economics or statistics. Physician scientists in research and physicians in our medical teams provide medical guidance on use of our medicines after they are made available to patients. We have whole teams of people dedicated to monitoring the safety or our medicines. Other scientists or physicians monitor the quality of our research and ensure that we adhere to the highest standards of governance.

Most importantly, wherever you join R&D there will be plenty of opportunities for development and growth into other roles. Essentially, you’ll be able to build a career that is well-rounded as well as having great depth.

What’s it really like to work in R&D?

We employ thousands of scientists in many different areas, in countries extending from China to the US, India to the UK. Every role is different, but our research teams are united by one thing: a dedication to help patients and consumers.

There are not many jobs where your day-to-day work will result in finding a new medicine, vaccine or consumer product that will improve the lives of others. It means there’s a real sense of purpose in R&D. We innovate and apply the latest knowledge and thinking to our work. Our culture is entrepreneurial. We focus on the best science and generate clear plans to find out if that science can benefit people. We give our scientists responsibility, and achievement is recognized and rewarded.

We’re constantly learning, about emerging areas of science and about business. Our people are continually given opportunities to learn through new scientific projects, jobs or experiences while working with true experts in their fields. We’re also wholeheartedly committed to becoming better managers and leaders.

So if you want to make a difference to society and grow your career in the most innovative and exciting area of science, now’s the time to join us.

Do I have the right qualities?

We want people who are passionate about improving lives through scientific innovation: those who combine scientific or medical expertise with the ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Whatever your field of scientific or medical expertise, you must be prepared to keep learning and evolving. You should be curious about how you fit into the bigger R&D picture, and able to adapt in a constantly changing scientific and business environment. The relationship-building skills to work with commercial colleagues will be important. You must share our values: transparency, respect for people, integrity and patient focus. Above all, we need scientists who not only focus on what they do, but how they do it.