Report a possible side effect

We know that side effects can happen, but it is not always possible to predict who will experience them. For this reason, it is vital for us to continuously monitor the safety of our products. By hearing about your experiences, we are able to offer the best possible advice to those using GSK’s products.

How to report a possible side effect

To help us process your information quickly and effectively, please report as much relevant information as possible. At a minimum you will need to provide the following:

  • The initials of the person who experienced the possible side effect and/or other identifiers, such as gender, date of birth
  • The contact information of the person reporting the issue
  • A description of the possible side effect, such as the signs and symptoms experienced, date the possible side effect started and the result of the possible side effect
  • The name of the GSK product

Our Privacy Notice outlines how we handle the processing of personal information when dealing with your enquiry, complaint or adverse event report.

Your own healthcare professional is the best source of information regarding your health. If you need to report an adverse event for any GSK product, please call:

Prescription, Stiefel (a GSK Company) dermatological products and vaccine:

Or email: