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Richard Dumam

HIV Cure Center


We do business responsibly

Trust is essential to delivering on our purpose, which is to improve the quality of human life by helping people do more, feel better and live longer. Trust, in turn, depends on doing business responsibly. We have made 13 commitments across three focus areas to support this.  

Our purpose is to help people do more, feel better, live longer

By using our

science and technology to address health needs

By making our products

affordable and available

By being a

modern employer

By being a responsible business

How we will report our performance

A summary of progress against our commitments can be found here, and further detail can be found in our global Annual Report.

Sustainable development

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out a vision for ending poverty, hunger, inequality and protecting the Earth’s natural resources by 2030. Realising this ambition will require the private sector, governments and civil society to play their part and work together in new and innovative ways.

As a science-led global healthcare company, we can make the most important contribution to Goal 3, Good Health & Wellbeing. The scale and nature of our business mean that we also contribute to a number of the UN’s goals through our everyday operations. For examples of how we contribute to the SDGs please download our SDG factsheet (PDF - 195 KB).

Our governance structure

Diagram of the Company Board Structure
Our Board Committees

Our Board-level Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC) oversees our responsible business activities. It meets four times a year to provide high-level guidance and reviews performance against our commitments.

Management of key non-financial risks is governed by our Audit and Risk Committee. The Audit and Assurance team supports this committee by providing an independent view to the Board and senior management of how risk is being managed across the business consistent with an agreed Assurance Plan.