GSK Canada statement on supply

With the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, GSK has seen an unprecedented increase in demand for many of its products. In response to this, we continue to work with our customers to ensure continuity of supply and mitigate the risk of stock outs, by applying an allocation policy. Measures are in place to support a fair and equitable allocation and, as applicable, we continue to prioritize patients with a critical medical need. To date, GSK’s manufacturing is not affected, however, this is an evolving situation which we monitor closely.

GSK Canada may experience a temporary shortage of products at any time due to the increase in demand. For additional information on product shortages, kindly visit the Health Canada Drug Shortages website (

As per Health Canada’s Drug Shortage reporting guidelines, a shortage is a situation in which the manufacturer is unable to meet the demand for a drug. It is not necessarily an indication of a product stock out nor does it reflect the supply status at wholesalers or pharmacies.  It is also important to note that wholesalers may also be implementing an allocation policy with their own customers (e.g. pharmacies, hospitals, etc.)

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