Patient-level data

We believe that all those involved in the conduct and publication of clinical research, be they companies like GSK, academic institutions or research organisations, have a role to play in ensuring that information from clinical trials is made publicly available. We also recognise that there is a highly detailed level of data sitting behind the results of our clinical trials that scientific researchers may find useful. This is known as patient-level data. In 2013 we launched a web-based system for researchers from the scientific community to request access to the anonymised patient-level data from our studies.

We were the first organisation to develop a system for sharing detailed clinical data (launched in 2014) in this way, to help increase understanding of our medicines by enabling researchers to examine the detailed data behind our trials more closely and do their own analyses. Following the launch of that system, we then worked with other companies and trial sponsors to re-configure it into a broader version, enabling researchers to request access to data from multiple study sponsors, not just GSK.