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Medical Grants

GSK Canada supports independent medical education, professional organization memberships and sponsorships, and other medical grants

GSK recognizes a responsibility to support activities in our medical community, whether related to our commitment to support medical education where there is patient need and mutual scientific interest, to support professional societies’ initiatives, or to assist healthcare organizations or projects that promote other healthcare goals. In all of our interactions we aim to be transparent about our work, operate with integrity, and always put the interests of patients first.

GSK Medical will review qualifying grant requests and may reach out for additional information.

Timeline: Decisions on funding requests may take 8-10 weeks and decisions will be communicated when each review is complete.

Specifically, for independent medical education requests, applications will be accepted two times per year during Call for Proposals:

  • April 15th 
  • September 15th 

For Other Medical Grants, Professional Organization Memberships and Sponsorships requests, applications will be accepted throughout the year.

Exception: Independent medical education grant requests related to Specialty Care areas of interest are accepted throughout the year.

To qualify for a Medical Grant, you must meet the criteria below, and submit a completed application form with all supporting documents to

Please ensure you meet the following criteria before submitting an application:

  1. I confirm that the event or activity will not start for 12 weeks following date of application submission.
  2. I confirm that the application is on behalf of an organization (not an individual).
  3. I confirm the request is in one or more of GSK’s disease area of interest.
  4. I confirm the request is for an eligible Canadian medical organization.

Conference Sponsorship Requests:

If the funding request offers any sort of commercial benefit (e.g. booth or complementary conference registration in exchange for sponsorship) the request is a Conference Sponsorship. Please submit these requests to the conference sponsorship team at email:


Select the appropriate tab based on the type of request:

Independent Medical Education

GSK funds education initiatives for Canadian healthcare professionals in disease areas where there is patient need and mutual scientific interest. Our support of these initiatives is at arm’s-length – we have no involvement or influence on the education development, logistics or selection of participants. We focus our resources on programs that have the greatest potential to close learning gaps, to improve patient health and enable people to do more, feel better, and live longer.

Applications will be accepted three times per year during Call for Proposal months: January, May and September.

Decisions on funding requests will be made available following the close of each Call for Proposal.

Applications along with any supporting material should be submitted to at a minimum of 12 weeks prior to the program start date. Anything less is subject to decline based on time constraints.


Additional Information:

Professional Organization Memberships and Sponsorships

For professional organizations of healthcare professionals, GSK will consider requests for contributions, memberships and sponsorships. Please submit requests for professional organization contributions, memberships or sponsorships to along with the following form and additional information:

Verification form for contributions, memberships and sponsorships of professional organizations (DOCX - 833 KB).

Please include a budget if a project-related funding request. If not project-related funding, please provide your organization’s annual report.

Other Medical Grants

GSK will also consider requests for other types of medical grants, such as patient education, grants to support academic medical initiatives, and healthcare fellowships or scholarships.

Please submit requests for other medical grants to, ensuring that all requested information in the form is provided, either by completing the form and/or providing supporting documents:

Application Form (DOCX - 836 KB)

Please include a budget if project-related funding is requested.