2020 Transparency Report

GSK’s voluntary decision to publish our payments to HCPs and HCOs is part of our commitment to greater transparency and high ethical standards in our business practices. The “Voluntary Framework on Disclosure” was developed by Innovative Medicines Canada.

Aggregate payments (one sum total)





*Total TOV to HCPs
†View a breakdown of individual payments made to HCPs.
‡Total TOV made to healthcare organizations

Other figures


2020 GSK in Canada Sales
(Total Payments to HCPs and HCOs represent 0.53% of Sales)


Our 2020 Community Groups Grants and Donations total
GSK also provides and publishes funding made to patient groups.

For clarity purposes only, please note the following:

  • Applicable taxes are excluded.
  • The amounts provided may include certain related incidental expenses (such as, but not limited to, mileage reimbursement for travel).
  • Payments made to HCOs may include payments that were passed through to HCPs as fee for service and, if so, will be captured in either category 1 (TOV to HCPs) or category 2 (TOV to HCOs), but the same payment will not be captured in both categories.
  • Total funding to HCOs may also include payments to Patient Associations, as the reporting system does not have the functionality to separate out such payments.
  • HCPs engaged by GSK who appear in the individual payments section have consented to disclosure of their names and payments. Pursuant to Canadian privacy law, consent to the individual disclosure of information may be withdrawn at any time.
  • GSK has used its reasonable best efforts to capture the most comprehensive data possible according to its knowledge and interpretation of the Voluntary Framework of Payments to HCPs/HCOs.

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