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GSK in Canada

With a history in Canada that dates back to 1902, we currently employ approximately 2,600 full time employees across the country, providing a salary injection of $295 million into the Canadian economy. We have two divisional headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario and Laval, Quebec, and an administrative office in Quebec City.

See how our involvement in Canada allows us to deliver on our special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer. 

Manufacturing and R&D


Our two manufacturing facilities are located in:

Icon of a factory


Icon of a factory

Ville Saint-Laurent

  • The Ste-Foy vaccine manufacturing site currently produces a majority share of Canada’s seasonal influenza vaccine and is responsible for the domestic supply of the country’s pandemic influenza vaccine requirements.
  • The Ville Saint-Laurent site produces consumer products such as Advil, Centrum, Robitussin, Nexium24HR and Caltrate among others.

Research & Development

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We have invested more than $2 billion since 2001 in Canadian pharmaceutical and vaccines Research & Development (R&D), with more than 60 million in 2020 alone. In 2020, we invested over $9.1 million into 32 active clinical trials across Canada involving 1,303 active subjects.

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Community & Environment

Community Investment

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Over $1,200,000
Invested in grants and donations to community groups by GSK in Canada in 2019

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Over $3,000,000
Contributed over the last 20 years to support the hospice palliative care movement in Canada. In 2019 only, we contributed $200,000 to help ensure every Canadian has access to quality hospice palliative care.

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More than 7,500
Emergency backpacks delivered to children in Ontario and Manitoba since 2016 by GSK and Save the Children—helping to support Indigenous children, families and communities to prepare for climate-related disasters.

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Environmental Sustainability

In October 2018, GSK launched a Centralized Waste program involving the removal of individual waste containers from offices to promote environmental consciousness and reduce our contribution to landfills.

In November 2020, GSK announced ambitious new environmental sustainability goals in both climate and nature, aiming to have a net zero impact on climate and a net positive impact on nature by 2030.

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Ways of Working

Ways of Working

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GSK is committed to building transparency in our operations because it enhances trust and value for patients and our healthcare system.

Since 2017, GSK has been among ten leading pharmaceutical companies in Canada that have voluntarily disclosed aggregate payments to healthcare providers (HCPs) and healthcare organizations. Starting in 2020 and onwards, we are disclosing individual level payments made annually to HCPs.

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Our Response

Representations of COVID-19 virus particles
  • We are collaborating with companies and research groups across the world—working on COVID-19 vaccine candidates through the use of our pandemic adjuvant technology.
  • We do not expect to profit from COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic phase, and will invest any short-term profit in coronavirus related research and long-term pandemic preparedness.
  • GSK Canada has contributed over $750,000 in corporate grants in support of COVID-19 relief efforts